Three Things You Should Know When Applying for Grad Programs in 2023

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It's that time of the year again - peak grad recruitment season. Are you ready? The job market offers many opportunities and choices, but to successfully secure a grad job in a highly competitive environment, there some key things you should know. This article will introduce three things to help you kickstart your professional career after graduation, here we go~🚀 

1. Hybrid recruitment is the way to go 📈

Hybrid recruitment combines traditional interviews with modern technology, allowing employers to efficiently screen candidates and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their abilities. 

Common forms of hybrid recruitment include online tests, virtual interviews, and talent analytics. You should familiarize yourself with new tools and platforms early on and learn how to showcase your skills and talents in a digital environment. 

Be prepared to face different kinds of interview processes and methods. From virtual assessments to face-to-face interviews - remember to prepare for both! 

2. Participate in various recruitment events 💼

Many large companies organize a variety of events during the recruitment period, such as employee sharing sessions, interview workshops, and recruitment webinars, to help job seekers understand the company's culture and operations.   

Recruitment events provide valuable opportunities for you to interact with potential employers and ask questions about the company's culture, job responsibilities, and development opportunities. This helps you better understand the company's requirements and whether their values align with yours.  

Additionally, participating in recruitment events allows you to expand your professional network. These events often attract professionals and job seekers from different industries. Establishing connections and engaging in discussions with them can help you find more job opportunities and resources, and may even lead to valuable internal referrals, professional insights, and industry news.🤝 

3. Research is SO KEY🖊

Thorough research helps you understand the company and industry better. Read through the company's website, news reports, and industry reports to learn about the company's culture, values, products or services, and industry trends. This information can help you determine which company or industry you are interested in and demonstrate your understanding throughout the application and interview process. 

Before attending an interview, research the company's background and relevant industry information. This allows you to anticipate potential questions and prepare well-thought-out answers. Understand the company's mission and values and connect them with your experiences and skills. As such, when the interviewer asks why you are interested in the job or how you can contribute, you can provide in-depth and meaningful answers. 

Make sure you come prepared for the grad job search by remembering the three things mentioned above and take the first step in your career journey with confidence! Happy job hunting! 

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