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Can I keep the prize and not take the job?

Please note that prizes will be awarded to individuals and not the entire group. Prizes will be released upon the acceptance of job offer by Capgemini and have worked with Capgemini for at least 3 months.

Selected individuals with an outstanding performance during the hackathon will also be offered a job at Capgemini.

Am I allowed to use any libraries/functionality native to a particular language?

Unless specifically stated in the coding challenge, no third party/built-in libraries and/or functionality should be used in your code.

How are winners selected?

For Coding challenges - each piece of code is evaluated real time by our engine and each coder will be assigned a score and a rank at the end of the challenge. Ranks are allocated base on multiple criteria including the score, time taken to submit the problem, and other factors. To be fair, memory consumed will NOT be used as a scoring criteria.

For Case Studies, the employer reviews each entry individually.

Winners are declared when the hiring manager completes the interview process. All decisions made on winners are final and binding.

How do I go about participating in this event?

Register and complete the challenge steps - it's that simple! NOTE: the employer will be notified of your entry only after you complete ALL the steps.

For coding challenges, do I have to code within the browser?

Absolutely not - we realise that each developer is most comfortable with their own IDE, so go ahead, code ’offline’ and simply use this screen to submit your solution.

How much time do I have to finish this challenge?

For coding challenges you will see a clock counting down to the end of the challenge. Your dashboard has this info as well. Note that your submissions are timed. Candidates who submit the correct solution ahead of the average time will receive a bonus.

When can I see the result, and what happens next?

For coding challenges, results are generated within a minute of your code submission, and your dashboard will reflect up- to-date results of each challenge.

Your solutions and details are made available to the challenge host, and they will reach out to you if your response is in line with expectations.

NOTE for Java Hackers:

You are requested to please use Scanner for input, don't declare final on main method, and name the class where the main function resides as "Main".

If I run in to any issues, who can I reach out to?

Drop us a note at [email protected] with as much info as possible, and we'll do our best to revert back ASAP.


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