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Hello. We’re Haleon. A new world-leading consumer healthcare company. Shaped by all of us. Together, we’re improving everyday health for millions of people. By growing and innovating our global portfolio of category-leading brands – including Sensodyne, Panadol, Advil, Voltaren, Theraflu, Otrivin, and Centrum – through a unique combination of deep human understanding and trusted science. What’s more, we’re achieving it in a company that we’re building…

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our  commitments  to DEI.

We see Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as  an enabler. An enabler for our purpose, our  people and our society. Which is why we’re  committing to take meaningful actions that  improve our DEI. And ensure that Haleon isn’t  simply a great place to work, but an inspiring  place to be.

Amplifying belonging.

We feel we belong when every part of our identity is seen, heard and valued.  Amplifying belonging starts with a commitment to our shared belief that all our  differences matter. And then each of us taking the actions that enable better lived  experiences – such as confronting our biases, seeking out different perspectives,  and adapting our style to work effectively with others.

Improving ethnic & gender diversity and embracing intersectionality

Everyone at Haleon should have the same equity of opportunities. In the months  ahead we’ll being taking steps to differentially focus on certain groups, including  ethnicity and gender, LGBTQ+, disability and age.

Driving societal change.

To be a driver of societal change we must first accept that there are things we don’t know. As a company and as people, we’re committing to better inform and educate ourselves. By taking the opportunities to understand, support and partner with businesses and people across the breadth of society.


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