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Name: Shaun Ng
Role: Enterprise Risk Management Consultant in Singapore

How did you start your career (your background)? And what led you to Murex?

I studied Computer Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, I sent out bucketloads of resumes, got two interviews with Murex. What made me accept Murex was the fact that it was one of the few occasions that I left the interview room feeling smarter than when I entered. It made me feel that this was a company where I could grow intellectually and as a person.

What is the role of your team in Murex?

I am in the Support Pool so we basically put out fires by troubleshooting issues faced by our clients.

What is a typical Murex day like? (without technical focus)

A typical day begins looking at an overview of outstanding client cases and working on those issues in order of their urgency. Murex capitalizes on excellent organizational tools to help us monitor and tackle the most salient issues first so it is always easy to get an overview of the workload. To set the pace, I incorporating music and matcha in my work day.

During lunch, we get to engage in a variety of sports. A relatively young company, the range of sports reflects the Murex’s vibrancy. There is swimming, tennis, badminton, running, the gym, and even dragon boating to choose from to name a few, my go-to choice is swimming as I find it a therapeutic retreat from the office.

Any advice for future candidates?

Talk to people, don’t be afraid to engage with others. It is impossible to know everything so leverage on other peoples experiences. Last but not least, pay it forward in the future by sharing.

Name: John Kwok
Role: Consultant

How did you start your career (your background)? And what led you to Murex?

This current role at Murex is my first job out of university. I did Chemical Engineering university however I wanted to explore a different field. I enjoy reading widely and finance and technology is something I am keen on. Thus, it was natural for me to apply to Murex after I learned about what the company was doing (FinTech).

What is the role of your team in Murex?

Collateral Management. After the financial crisis, collateral has been an important topic in risk management and the Collateral Management module helps banks perform this task more effectively.

What is a typical Murex day like? (without technical focus)

On a typical day, I reach work at 9am. The first thing I do is to check my emails. After that I work on a project that I have been assigned to – reading the design documents and building the parts within the software to meet the requirements. I also handle support cases from clients and occasionally we have online meetings to solve issues. On some days, there are sports activities that employees can participate to keep fit and bond.

Any advice for future candidates?

It sounds cliched, but I think just be yourself. It is okay to express seemingly ‘unconventional’ ideas, they just need to be expressed coherently. Having an interesting in logic puzzles would also help.

Name: Ryan Lee
Role: Configuration and Environment Management Consultant in Singapore


I graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a degree in Information Engineering and Media.

Before graduation, I did an internship with Thales as a software developer. 

I also worked as a freelance lights and sound technician in my free time.

How I came across Murex:

In my last semester of study at Nanyang Technological University, my friends and I attended a career talk by Murex.

I submitted my application online for the Graduate trainee program, and here I am, one year later.

Role of my team in Murex:

I am part of CEM team, our primary responsibilities include deployment, upgrade, maintanence, backup, restoration and sanity checks of MX.3

We work mainly with fellow Murex consultants to ensure the internal MX.3 environments are good to go.

My typical day at Murex:

A working day for me always begins with coffee. 

Work is busy, but in a good way. Before I know it, it is already time to go home.

Time flies when you’re having fun. (also when you’re very busy)

Advice for future candidates:

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


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