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There are many elements to our 24-month structured program that can help you develop, both personally and professionally. We want to get you out there to connect in with and experience everything Telstra has to offer.

One of the greatest benefits of the program is how flexible it is. You have a real say in where you want to take your career and how you see it shaping up. Here’s what our program offers you from a development perspective:


Probably the most exciting part of the program is getting to experience work across different parts of our business. Rotations are designed to enhance your experience in your business area and get you involved in what’s happening. You’ll be placed where you can get an insight into some of the many different ways our people add value and make a difference to our company.


There’s only one way to truly understand our customer connected culture – and that’s to see it in action around the company. Enter the shadow program, or the “Ride On” as we call it, a 1:1 or group experience where you get to spend time with people in different parts of our business.

Buddy and mentor program

Finding your way around the amazing Telstra landscape is more fun when you’ve got one of our graduate alumni for company. They’ll help you build your knowledge and learn the ropes. After six months – when we better understand your skills and interests – you’ll be matched to your very own senior business mentor who’ll share their knowledge and wisdom so you can develop your full potential.


On your first day you’ll attend a corporate induction workshop which welcomes you and outlines Telstra’s corporate strategy, core values and what’s important to us.

Corporate development program

You’ll attend a structured development program to help you make a smooth transition into the professional workforce and build a successful career with us. Throughout this program we’ll focus on a number of elements including building critical ‘soft’ skills – like leadership. Building technical skills and understanding your own strengths and areas for development.


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